Port of Felixstowe Logistics Park

A unique opportunity

Increased transport costs, rising road congestion and the challenges of transporting the largest containers inland are all making port-centric logistics more important to cargo owners and their logistics providers.

The Port of Felixstowe offers the widest range of shipping options – over 700 ports worldwide are served – the most comprehensive range of rail services, and the largest resident road haulage fleet of any UK port. The shipping, transport and logistics cluster centred around the port includes 1,200 businesses employing 12,500 people, providing access to a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

992,000 TEU by rail per annum66 train movements per day4 million TEUs per annum

Using the Port of Felixstowe Logistics Park as a base for port-centric distribution strategies offers users the opportunity to benefit from lower transport costs, improved speed to market, reduced environmental impact and better utilisation of transport assets.