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Hamburg Sud is the specialist in the North-South trade routes, with a special focus on South America, North America, Australia/New Zealand and the Mediterranean. The Hamburg Sud Group has built up an excellent reputation in the market as a high quality and reliable partner in maritime transport and modern intermodal transport services for more than 130 years.

Our services over Felixstowe are outlined below.


North Europe — North Turkey (NETU) — Weekly service to/from Felixstowe, Gebze, Kumport, Gemlik and Aliaga (55Km North of Izmir).

North Europe — South Med (NESM) — Weekly service to/from Felixstowe, Alexandria (Dekheila), Port Said East (S/Bound), Beirut, Lattakia, Mersin, Alexandria and Port Said East (N/Bound).

North Europe — East Med (NEEM) — Weekly service to/from Felixstowe, Malta (Marsaxlokk), Haifa, Limassol, Alexandria (Old Port), Ashdod and Salerno (Northbound).