Remote crane operation


Hutchison Ports Port of Felixstowe has successfully introduced remote-controlled Yard Cranes/Rubber Tyred Gantry cranes (RTGs) into the landside operation. Currently eight electric-powered cranes serve Berths 8&9 where additional container storage has also been created to meet the growing demand at the UK's leading container port. There are certain key aspects of operation that our Haulage operator partners need to be familiar with and this is covered in the information below:

• All HGVs will need to have two RFID tags fitted. One on each of the driver & passenger side windows (free of charge). In agreement with DVSA, these should be left in situ once fitted.

• All HGVs will need to have these tags visible (windows closed) as they enter the blocks

• All HGVs must have the driver side window closed to ensure the cranes can also read the tags prior to completing the move

• Failure to comply with the above will lead to unnecessary and avoidable delays.

If you are yet to request your tags, or your tags need to be replaced, we now offer a tag registration service at Berths 8&9 in-gates.  We would advise that your drivers are provided with clear instructions on how to position the tags correctly to ensure they can be read (RFID installation template can also be accessed here.)

If you are replacing your fleet please email and the tags will be sent to you via post.

The following links portray what the operational requirements are and what will be required to ensure a safe and efficient experience by all.


Video showing the differences and expectation within the new blocks can be accessed here.

Haulier information leaflet, to help drivers identify what they need to know, what they need to do, and what they will see, can be accessed here.

FAQs supporting the introduction of RFID tags, can be accessed here