Opening Times



Will work throughout the Bank Holiday period, subject to the availability of voluntary labour.

Please note the Public Holiday Premium will apply during the following period:

Monday 26/08/2024 07:00 hours to 07:00 hours Tuesday 27/08/2024


Saturday 24/08/2024

In-gates for both terminals will close at 15:00 hours. Last Booking 13:00 hours.

Sunday 25/08/2024

Both terminals will remain closed.

Monday 26/08/2024

Both terminals will remain closed.

Tuesday 27/08/2024

In-gates at both terminals will open at 07:00 hours.

All bookings for Monday 26/08/2024 23:00 hours through to and including Tuesday 27/08/2024 will be released in advance on the previous Thursday 22/08/2024.

Please note that additional hours may be available subject to demand please contact Jim Hunt Hunt