Container terminal general information

Information for drivers before arriving to deliver and collect containers.

The Port of Felixstowe is compliant with both ISPS and AEO regulations. You and your vehicle may be subject to search and you must be in possession of a valid ID at all times. The Road Traffic Act (Highway Code) applies in all areas of the port.

Customer services
01394 604060

Before entering the terminal, please watch the haulier induction film below: Watch video – English, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish & Romanian translations

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Emergency (SOS)

Fire & ambulance
01394 604300
01394 604747

You are expected to remain in your vehicle at all times unless there is an emergency requiring you to exit, or you need to contact an operator for assistance.

Traffic Flow Diagram and Safety rules

Trinity Terminal Information Plan
Berths 8-9 Information Plan
Berths 8-9 Information Text

As a requirement of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, which came into effect in July 2004, Hutchison Ports (UK) Limited (HPUK) has introduced a series of measures at all three of its ports to enhance security and tighten access controls, particularly to the terminals.

The ISPS Code requires ports to record all visitors to their facilities. As hauliers represent the largest group of visitors – for instance, making up some 4,000 movements in and out of the Port of Felixstowe each day – it is essential that HPUK introduces a way of recording their comings and goings, without adding to the time taken to process them through the gates.

Following extensive discussions with representatives from shipping lines, haulage companies, the Road Haulage Association, Felixstowe Port Users’ Association and Freight Transport Association, HPUK decided to introduce an identity card for hauliers, known as RHIDES, for Road Haulier IDEntity System, at the Port of Felixstowe.

All hauliers entering the terminals must have a valid RHIDES card.

Container Terminal Access

  • In order to obtain a RHIDES card to the Container Terminals, drivers will need to have taken and passed the Driver Certification Programme (DCP)  prior to attending the pass office.  Information regarding the DCP, including FAQs and the link to access the DCP can be accessed here.
  • Once in possession of their DCP certificate drivers should attend the pass office with their driving licence, a valid VBS booking reference and a copy of their certificate.

Ro/Ro Terminal Access

  • Drivers are currently not required to take the DCP test, so can attend the pass office with their driving licence and a DFDS booking reference.

Drivers requiring access to both Container and Ro/Ro terminals, must take, and pass the DCP test.

The Pass Office is open between the hours of 0700 hours and 2300 hours, Monday to Friday.

Please contact the pass office team on 01394 604830 or 604812 or


Route to Pass Office


Hutchison Ports (UK) Limited
Tomline House
The Dock
IP11 3SY

General Enquiries / Pass Office:
For general enquiries regarding RHIDES, please contact us by Telephone or E-mail.

Telephone: +44 (0)1394 604830 / 604812

Pass Office Opening Hours – 0700-2300hrs Mon-Fri

Website Enquiries:
To report any technical problems with this website please contact our Information Systems Helpdesk.

Telephone: +44 (0)1394 604915
Fax: +44 (0)1394 604949

The Vehicle Booking System – or VBS – is a real-time appointment system used by hauliers wishing to deliver or collect containers at The Port of Felixstowe.

The simple-to-use web-based system allows hauliers to select a time for their visit, enabling the Port to proactively manage customer demand, providing a faster turnaround.

In addition, each time the haulier creates a new booking, VBS checks and confirms that the customer’s details are correct, thereby greatly reducing wasted journeys and expense caused by incorrect information.

Find our more about VBS

The Port of Felixstowe has introduced a mandatory Driver Certification Programme (DCP) which must be passed by all RHIDES card holders requiring access to the container terminals. This has been introduced to improve safety for all port users. Drivers need to answer questions based on three Haulier Information videos which along with the test itself can be accessed via the link:

Haulier Induction on Vimeo

Port of Felixstowe Driver Certification Programme (DCP) (

    • 01 – Haulier Induction – Essential Safety Information
    • 02 – Haulier Induction – Containers
    • 03 – Haulier Induction – Remote Yard Crane
    • 04 – Driver Certification Programme

Further VBS information can be accessed via,  VBS website [].

Trinity and Berth 8 & 9

Normal Gate Hours:
Shut from 15:00 Saturday to 11:00 Sunday*

There may be occasions where the decision is made to extend our opening hours, or to amend the usual hours due to Bank Holidays. Such details will be published separately by the Commercial Department.

*Vehicles are requested to allow sufficient time to both in-gate and out-gate before this time.

Trinity and Berth 8 & 9 Gate Processes Including Rail

Please note that the Port requires that the correct PPE is worn at all times e.g. Hi-Viz jacket, hard hat and safety footwear.

When you arrive at the correct Terminal (as directed by your traffic operator), you will need your RHIDES card, VBS number, any pin numbers for collections and a signed Dangerous Goods note for any hazardous deliveries.

Please note that deliveries and collections on Rail do not require a VBS. All drivers should report to the Rail THA and pick up the direct dial phone to contact the rail clerk for further advice.

Deliveries with or without Collections

When arriving at the Terminal canopy please:

  1. Apply hand brake and switch off engine
  2. Exit cab, give your VBS number to the Gate staff and undo twistlocks
  3. The Gate staff will check your VBS and DGN’s (if you have any)
  4. Proceed to the Driver Consoles and follow on screen instructions
  5. Confirm details are correct
  6. Enter your mobile telephone number
  7. Remove RHIDES card and wait for printed job slip
  8. Return to your vehicle and proceed to locations as per the job slip.

Collections only

When arriving at the Terminal canopy for collections only please:

  1. Apply hand brake and switch off engine
  2. Exit cab and proceed to Driver Console
  3. Follow on screen instructions
  4. Confirm details are correct
  5. Enter your mobile telephone number
  6. Remove RHIDES card and wait for printed job slip
  7. Return to your vehicle and proceed to location(s) as per the job slip.

Note: When collecting refrigerated units please be aware that these items may need to be unplugged and will not appear on the Yard Crane’s screen until this is done.

Outgating collections and cancelling jobs

When arriving at the outgate canopy please:

  1. Stop before the barrier
  2. Apply handbrake and switch off engine
  3. Close twistlocks and check condition of container
  4. Once gate staff have completed checks, go to the Drivers Console
  5. Place RHIDES card on reader, confirm details are correct by applying RHIDES card again
  6. Message will be displayed to exit terminal
  7. Drive to Security gates for final checks

For further information, please go to: Insert video link here.

Temporary Holding Area (THA)

The Temporary Holding Area (THA) is an area that a driver may be sent to if the location they are to attend currently has a heavy workload.

If sent to the THA, please park in the designated bays and await release via text message.

Drivers should then proceed to the THA consoles and place RHIDES card against the plate.

A job slip will then be printed out.

Driver should then proceed to the location(s) as per the job slip.

Customer Service Centre (CSC)

The Customer Service Centre is available for assistance during the times that the Port is open to Haulage and is situated at the THA on Trinity Terminal.

The CSC can be contacted via:

Telephone 01394 604060


Lum: FTT6

Breakdown procedures

Trinity and Berths 8 & 9 have a large amount of heavy plant operating; therefore the fitter/mechanic will be escorted to all areas other than THA. This also includes Breakdown Recovery Vehicles.

The driver of the broken down unit must contact Customer Services on 01394 604060 as soon as possible. CSC will then inform the Pass Office. If this is not done, a pass cannot be issued.

Passes to the restricted areas of the port (Container terminals) will only be issued to individuals who have completed the Port of Felixstowe Contractors Safety Induction. This induction takes around 30 minutes, is only available during office hours and is valid for three years. To complete the Safety Induction a space will need to be booked with the Port Safety Department on 01394 604721.

The fitter/mechanic will need to attend the Pass Office (Police Station out of hours) to be issued with a visitor pass.

The fitter/mechanic will need to bring photographic ID as well as the Contractor Safety Induction card each time they attend the Pass Office or Police Station to obtain a visitor pass.


Q1: My Contractors Safety Induction has expired can I still go on to the terminals?
A1: No. A valid Contractors Safety Induction is required to enter any restricted area on the Port of Felixstowe.
Q2: Do I need to wait until I have a breakdown to attend to renew my Contracts Safety Induction?
A2: No. You can call 01394 6074721 during office hours to book your Contractors Safety Induction at any time to ensure you are covered for when you need it.
Q3: My vehicle has broken down in the THA. Do I need to let anyone know?
A3: You must advise the customer services on 01394 604060 but you need to liaise with the fitter/mechanic yourself.
Q4: I have lost my Contractors Safety Induction card; can I still get a pass?
A4: No. If you have lost your card you will need to contact the safety department during office hours to get a replacement card.
Q5: Do I need a work permit to access Trinity or Berths 8&9?
A5: No. The driver needs to inform customer services and they will advise the Pass Office.


Specialised Cargo Area

The Specialised Cargo Area (SCA) provides a bespoke service for cargo that is too out of gauge to be lifted as a standard lift or is classed as Break Bulk.

Drivers arriving at the Port with such cargo should please:

Have a valid RHIDES Card.

Arrive at the CSC prior to going to the SCA with flat numbers or UCN numbers and correct release details for collections.

Please note that missing details or clearance issues may result in delays for drivers.

Once loaded, the driver should return to the CSC for outgating and a gate pass before exiting the Port.