Ubi App

The app that keeps you connected anytime anywhere.

The Port of Felixstowe knows having access to the latest and most accurate information about containers or vessels is extremely important to our customers.

We’re committed to delivering the best service to our customers and our new app, ubi, makes it easier for you to get the latest container and shipping information, wherever you are. You can track your container in real-time and with our progress bar you can see its status wherever it is on its journey through the Port, and be notified if there is a status change.


Shipping Information allows Shippers, Shipping Lines/Agents & Hauliers to view the arrival, departure and closing time of the vessels.


Haulier information allows shippers & Hauliers to track import and export container status. Check whether the container is on the vessel, vessel has arrived, container discharged from vessel, container ready for pickup or collected.


Rail Schedule shows arrival and departure times, destination and origin locations and operator for all daily rail services calling at the Port of Felixstowe


Follow up to 5 vessels, 10 containers, 5 trains and terminal updates and Ubi will send status updates and port news directly to you.


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