Our Sustainability Strategy

We are working to embed sustainability fully into our culture, through our three pillars of Our Business, Our Environment and Our People.

Our aim is to be the first choice for a sustainable supply chain partner, providing exceptional services to customers while upholding our commitment to minimal adverse impact on our people, environment, and business.

We strive to create a thriving workplace, promote safety, wellbeing, and inclusivity, adopt best environmental practices and be a responsible member of our communities. By doing this we will help create a sustainable future.

Meeting our customers’ needs is a priority. Our sustainability approach is not only the right thing for our planet and future generations, but also supports our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals.


We have a decarbonisation plan to deliver Net Zero Scopes 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2035 and Scope 3 before 2050.

We will work pro-actively to deliver our near term and long-term Net Zero targets, following the best available scientific methods. We will:

  • Collect and analyse verifiable emissions data to monitor performance along our Net Zero pathway.
  • Work with partners to incorporate renewable energy and decarbonisation solutions into planned port development.
  • Collaborate with Hutchison Ports ports globally to share best practices in implementation of emission free technologies and supply chain decarbonisation


We will invest in our workforce, infrastructure and technology to prepare our ports for a changing climate.

We will ensure that our ports are resilient to climate change threats by assessing our climate change risks and preparing for the future. We will also:

  • Maintain up to date understanding of projected climate change impacts on our business activities so that we are prepared for impacts such as rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions.
  • Recognise our interaction with natural habitats to protect biodiversity when operating our ports, planning development and evaluating nature based climate solutions.
  • Maintain continual improvement programmes to protect our local and global environments.


We will be an employer of choice that attracts, develops and retains a diverse workforce.

We will build a safe and sustainable future for our people, developing an inclusive working environment that fosters a culture of belonging, where everyone feels valued and respected throughout their career. We will also:

  • Prioritise safety and wellbeing to drive a zero-harm culture.
  • Develop a high performing, diverse workforce to support the delivery of future technologies.
  • Enhance employer brand to attract and retain a diverse workforce.
  • Create an inclusive working environment and culture that enables open feedback.


We will work with external partners to develop and maintain thriving and resilient local communities.

Providing jobs, education, training and community support, we will contribute to and drive, economic growth and sustainable employment in our local communities. We will also:

  • Create sustainable career opportunities.
  • Partner with local education providers to support increased access to employment.
  • Reflect the diversity of our local communities.
  • Participate in and encourage, active engagement in our local communities.


We take pride in adhering to the highest moral, ethical and safety standards every day, and demonstrate our integrity by the respect we show each other and our ability to work well together.

We will grow responsibly through ethical and sustainable business practices. We will implement sustainable procurement standards by promoting the Supplier Code of Conduct. We will also:

  • Encourage and support all employees to challenge any behaviour contrary to the Employee Code of Conduct.
  • Support employees to have the confidence to ask questions and seek guidance to bolster good practice.
  • Ensure all governance reporting is both in-line with group practice and reflects leading practice.
  • Communicate governance expectations both within the business and to relevant third parties.