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Why Join us


Hutchison Port Port of Felixstowe’s position as the Port of Britain is no accident. It is down to the passion and commitment of the people who work here. The port recognises the need for a flexible and motivated workforce, supported by dedicated, results-focused managers.

There are opportunities to join the port through a number of channels, each of which offers different development paths:

  • As a port operative, where in depth job-based training is provided by our accredited training assessors to operate our extensive range of plant and equipment
  • As an apprentice, with the combination of practical and academic training that meets the rigorous standards of the Advanced Modern Apprenticeship scheme
  • As an experienced professional, to work in a range of operational and business disciplines such as Engineering, Container Operations, IT, HR or Finance
  • As a manager on our Direct Entry Management Scheme, with the opportunity to work at the vanguard of the UK’s freight industry and participate in a management development programme that offers assignments in different areas of the business – and the world.

At the Port of Felixstowe we aim to provide a career, not just a job. The management of performance and individual development is a critical aspect of maintaining our success. We work with you to agree a clear and demanding set of objectives designed not only to match our business objectives but also to enable you to achieve your full potential. Our relationship with Unite the Union remains central to our goal of delivering the sustained change required to drive our business forward.

We encourage all employees to contribute to the development of our business by sharing their views both formally and informally. It is this sort of pioneering spirit that has driven the growth of the port since it was established, and has helped to position the Port of Felixstowe today as the UK’s foremost container terminal.